High-growth technology companies:

Our story is all about you.

You’re looking for leadership for your Board of Directors, CEOs and all direct reports. Meet an executive search firm that understands the technology market’s dynamics, entrepreneurial cultures, what makes them work and who best thrives within them.

Savage Partners specializes in your sector, with a strong emphasis on software, eCommerce and Internet-enabled  companies.  Founded in 2005, we offer more than 50 years of combined experience. We’ve cultivated a broad network of relationships with world-class technology executives. It helps us find the unique blend of experience, talent and chemistry you seek.

Our collaborative, team-driven approach quickly zeroes in on the qualities that make your business stand out from its competitors. We’re an extension of your company in the marketplace, presenting it to appeal to the highest-caliber executives in the field.

Because we only take on a limited number of searches each year, we can apply a laser focus on recruiting the top people in the industry. That’s how Savage builds success.